User Services Bundles* and User Services*

1 Travel And Traffic Management (User Services Bundle*)

User Services*:
1.1 Pre-trip Travel Information
1.2 En-route Driver Information
1.3 Route Guidance
1.4 Ride Matching And Reservation
1.5 Traveler Services Information
1.6 Traffic Control
1.7 Incident Management
1.8 Travel Demand Management
1.9 Emissions Testing And Mitigation
1.10 Highway Rail Intersection

2 Public Transportation Management (User Services Bundle*)

User Services*:
2.1 Public Transportation Management
2.2 En-route Transit Information
2.3 Personalized Public Transit
2.4 Public Travel Security

3 Electronic Payment (User Services Bundle*)

User Services*:
3.1 Electronic Payment Services

4 Commercial Vehicle Operations (User Services Bundle*)

User Services*:
4.1 Commercial Vehicle Electronic Clearance
4.2 Automated Roadside Safety Inspection
4.3 On-board Safety And Security Monitoring
4.4 Commercial Vehicle Administrative Processes
4.5 Hazardous Materials Security And Incident Response
4.6 Freight Mobility

5 Emergency Management (User Services Bundle*)

User Services*:
5.1 Emergency Notification And Personal Security
5.2 Emergency Vehicle Management
5.3 Disaster Response And Evacuation

6 Advanced Vehicle Safety Systems (User Services Bundle*)

User Services*:
6.1 Longitudinal Collision Avoidance
6.2 Lateral Collision Avoidance
6.3 Intersection Collision Avoidance
6.4 Vision Enhancement For Crash Avoidance
6.5 Safety Readiness
6.6 Pre-crash Restraint Deployment
6.7 Automated Vehicle Operation

7 Information Management (User Services Bundle*)

User Services*:
7.1 Archived Data

8 Maintenance And Construction Management (User Services Bundle*)

User Services*:
8.1 Maintenance And Construction Operations
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