Architecture High-Level Changes

Version Description Scope
7.0 Active Traffic Management Major
7.0 Architecture Use and Planning View Major
7.0 Hyperlinked diagrams on the National ITS Architecture Web Site Major
7.0 Synchronize with Canadian Architecture Major
7.0 VMT and Road Use Fees Major
7.0 Wireless Roadside Inspection Major
7.0 CVISN Alignment Moderate
7.0 Expanded Center to Center Interfaces Moderate
7.0 Improve Subsystem Name and Abbreviation Consistency Moderate
7.0 Institutional Layer Moderate
7.0 Integration with Costs/Benefits/Lessons Learned Moderate
7.0 Performance Measures Moderate
7.0 Service Packages and Goals Moderate
7.0 Signal Control Updates Moderate
7.0 Border Wait Time Minor
7.0 Connected Vehicle Program Alignment Minor
7.0 IEEE P1609 Standards Minor
7.0 Integrated Corridor Management Minor
7.0 NA Glossary Minor
7.0 National ITS Architecture and CALM standards Minor
7.0 Rail Operations to Emergency Management Minor
7.0 User Services Database Minor